November 1998

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Researching Online for Dummies, by Reva Basch, IDG Books, $24,99 with CD-ROM (Mac and Windows)

If you've ever wondered how to find your way through the maze of information on the Web, this is a great book to pack on your cyber trip. It covers the best search engine for your research project, tells you how to access the library catalogs of large universities, and how to navigate the abundance of investing information. There's a chapter on finding and using Web newspapers and magazines as well as listings of some great sites for humanities, science, technology, and finance. The CD includes Navigator 4.0 and Microsoft Explorer along with a bookmark file of all the URLs mentioned in the book.


Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Classroom in a Book; Adobe Press, $45 with CD/ROM Mac and Windows

Like the rest of the CIB series, the Photoshop 5 book is self-paced, covering one function at a time and usually only once. This makes it an excellent introduction to the program, especially to the features new to version 5.0, but a less than helpful learning tool that develops learning through repetition. But as with the other CIB books it's intelligently organized, taking you step-by-step through the commands and functions using the art on the CD. It is especially helpful in teaching you how to create spot color, Web graphics, and use the new magnetic tools in version 5. With its wide range of carefully delineated information and helpful project file, this book is an excellent introductory or refresher course in Photoshop 5.


Macromedia Freehand 8 Authorized Edition, Macromedia Press, Peachpit Press, includes CD-ROM.

This series of lessons designed by Macromedia's own trainers is a series of hands-on exercises which teach you to use Freehand 8's drawing and design tools to create artwork (static and animated) for print and Internet distribution. This book is as close as you will get to being trained by a Macromedia engineer and is a must-have tool for anyone providing any kind of instruction in this complex application. As with all Macromedia publications, it is beautifully designed with material presented in such a way as to make you want to learn. You're going to learn Freehand 8 anyway, but with this book, you'll have a great time doing so.


Real World Freehand 8, by Olav Martin Kvern; Peachpit Press, $34.99

Like other books in the Real World series this book assumes that someone is paying you to use Freehand 8 and Olav Martin holds your hand while you face printing and production hazards that can turn beautiful artwork into just that. By taking you through the steps of using Freehand 8 to create pages that maximize the program's tremendous power.



Freehand 8 for Windows and Macintosh, Visual QuickStart Guide, by Sandee Cohen, Peachpit Press, $18.95

Like all the other books in this marvelous series, the FreeHand 8 Visual QuickStart Guide takes you step-by-step through this complex program. It uses lots of screen shots and examples to break down the complicated commands and functions making users immediately comfortable with creating images for print and Internet. Sandee Cohen's clean, clear style makes learning FreeHand 8 a profitable experience for novices and experienced users.