December 1999

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Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Edition, Classroom in a Book, Adobe Press/Peachpit Press, Mac OS and Windows, $45 with CD

With all the new Web features packed into Photoshop 5.5 as well as the new masking tools, it's helpful to have something more than the sketchy manual that comes with this upgrade. And like its predecessors in this series, Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Classroom in a Book makes learning to use these new features interesting and enjoyable. Its step-by-step exercises do a good job of dealing with tough issues such as image compression and color fidelity and you will enjoy creating the professional projects from the CD. Since the book covers all of Photoshop, it's also a good way to hone those image editing skills by learning(and relearning) from the experts.


The Little Network Book for Windows and Macintosh by Lon Poole & John Rizzo, Peachpit Press, $19.99

Whether you want to network your home or office computers, share an Internet access line, printer or other equipment, or just manage and troubleshoot an existing network, this book will answer all your questions. Without bogging you down in arcane details, the authors tell you what you need to know to get connected--fast! The first part of the book explains why readers should set up a network and how to do it. The second covers all the nifty things you can do with your network, and the third part provides reference information for setting up and using a network, including troubleshooting and network terminology. And thanks to John Grimes' delightful illustrations, all this is fun to learn.


Professional Design Essentials, Third Edition: Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator billion Seymour Cohen, Adobe Press/Peachpit, $39.99

This is a dangerous book. It's beautiful, it's easy to understand, and using the step-by-step instructions (far more intelligible than in earlier editions) you can create interesting art and effects in Photoshop and Illustrator. The Chrome image on the left was created in less than 5 minutes in Photoshop. See how much fun the Curves dialog box is when an expert gives you the correct values! There is much to learn and create using this glorious book. It makes even the artistically-challenged look like a digital guru.


Start with a Digital Camera: A Guide to Using Digital Cameras to Create High-Quality Graphics, by John Odam, Peachpit Press, $34.99

This book covers all the basics of digital photography from getting to know your camera to working with people and objects and then editing your digital photographs. Take them into Photoshop and learn how to transform them with filters and how to create textures and backgrounds for environmental, urban, and household images. Chapters on working with laser and inkjet printers will help you get the best images from your camera. Beautifully illustrated and intelligently organized, this book belongs in the same bag as your digital camera.