January 2001

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The Non-Designer's Web Book, 2nd edition, by Robin Williams and John Tollett, Peachpit Press, $34.99

Starting with the basics (using the Web and building pages), the book moves on to design theory and all the print vs. Web issues. There is so much good and helpful information here, material that everyone should read before they assault our eyes and intelligence with confusing and uncommunicative pages. The authors leave nothing to chance, giving lots of sound ideas about file formats, color, Web typography and simple animations. When you've created pages that display properly, you're taught how to text and fix your site, upload and update your site and how to register and promote it. And all this intelligent and focused information costs less than a session with a consultant!

Real World Adobe Illustrator 9 by Deke McClelland and Sandee Cohen, Peachpit Press,, $39.99.

If you find the Illustrator 9 User Guide short on information, especially information on Illustrator's new features, this book will fill in all the gaps. Transparency, layer masks, live filter effects, and Web features are all covered in this comprehensive book. With lots of new art, tons of screen shots and examples, and clear concise explanations, the book serves as the perfect companion for this popular but complex application. The authors' comfortable (and comforting) style make learning Illustrator efficient and joyous.

Microsoft Office 2001 for Macs for Dummies by Tom Negrino, IDG Books, $19.99

Did you buy or upgrade to Office 2001? Then you need this book, because Office 2001 ships without a manual. Unless you're comfortable with on-line help, you'll want Tom Negrino to help you get the most out of this powerful program. The book covers all the features and functions in an easy-to-understand format and without any of the condescension usually found in this series. Lots of screen shots, navigational aids and tips help you get the most from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage for both print and the Internet.

Director 8 Demystitfied: The Official Guide to Director 8 Shockwave Internet Studio by Phil Gross and Jason Roberts, Peachpit Press, $74.95 with CD.

This comprehensive Director tutorial and guide takes you on a hands-on tour of the hottest multimedia/Web publishing tool. Learn new methods for controlling sound in movies, adding CD-quality audio, "speaking" lingo, and using Shockwave--all in intelligently organized lessons. The accompanying CD includes the files for all the tutorials in the book, others in open-code, demo software and hotlinks to the latest Director-related sites.