February 2002

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Adobe Master Class: Design Invitational by Deke McClelland, Peachpit Press, $50 with CD

This beautiful book is a look at how several contemporary print and digital artists create an advertising campaign for Adobe. Learn how they transform photos into surreal works of art, stitch movies, type, stills, and effects into a coherent design, and take Illustrator to places it has never been. The CD includes galleries of work from each artist and practical, professional advice and tips. If you've ever wondered how Craig Frazier builds his trademark visual riddles into an illustration, here's where you can find out.

Web Design Tools and Techniques, Second Edition, by Peter Kentie, Peachpit Press, $39.99

This richly illustrated book gives readers everything they need to know to produce beautiful Web pages. In an easy-to-understand entertaining style, Kentie explains and describes the most important HTML tags and provides valuable insight into their intelligent application. With a wealth of practical knowledge regarding the tools employed by today's most state-of-the-art sites, this book is an excellent resource for Web designers and marketeers alike.

Web Design Workshop, by Robin Williams, John Tollett, and David Rohr, Peachpit Press, $39.99

Learn how to break out of the "HTML box" by designing visually instead of by code, take advantage of slicing your layouts to design more creatively and efficiently, build navigation systems that enhance both design and functionality, and include enhanced features in your sites such as rollovers image swaps, animations and more. And while you're at it, learn how to use your Web site to build successful client relationships.

Adobe Master Class: Web Sites Redesigns, by Darcy Dinucci, Peachpit Press, $40.00

Learn how top designers approach the task of redesigning a Web site to freshen its look and optimize user experience Readers go behind the scenes at top design firms to see how they create new design strategies for their clients. With before-and-after images, examples of preliminary stretches, internal planning documents, and rejected designs, this intriguing book exposes the nuts-and-bolts process of these talented design teams as they work with their clients to transform many different types of Web destinations.

The Macintosh Bible, Eighth Edition, Peachpit Press, $34.99.

This is the authoritative reference for all Mac users, from novice to expert. This special "revival" edition features dozens of Mac experts bringing you their most practical as well as controversial insights and advice.They cover directions for setting up, working with and troubleshooting Mac OS 9 and X for both desktop and portable models, advice on using software for the home and office, and helpful troubleshooting tips. Log on to the Macintosh Bible Web site (www.macbible.com) and follow Mac news, tips and product updates.