January 2004

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Reviews by
Suzanne Thomas

SAMS Teach Yourself Mac OS X Panther by Robyn Ness and John Ray, SAMS (http://www.samspublishing.com), $29.99.

This hefty book contains answers to al your questions about getting Panther, iMovie, DVD, iTunes and iPhoto to work together so you can be more creative than geeky. Each chapter does a succinct but in-depth analysis of a particular function and uses lots of visuals to help you understand the easy stuff like Mail and Safari, the fun stuff like iPhoto and iTunes, and the complicated stuff like network services and UNIX. Well organized and comprehensive, this book belongs next to any computer running Apple’s powerful system software.

SAMS Teach Yourself Adobe Photoshop CS in 24 Hours by Carla Rose, SAMS (http://www.samspublishing.com) $24.99.

Photoshop CS is different, but this wonderful series still uses the effective method of 24 lessons to teach you how to use this complex and ubiquitous program. With step-by-step instructions, quizzes and exercises, notes and tips, you’ll be managing your digital library easily and effectively. This single book takes you through the functions we use most and shows you how to create and retouch art as well as how to get the most out of layer effects, vector tools and type features. If you’re new to Photoshop, this is a good place to start. If you’re an experienced Photoshop user, then you’ll find the information on Photoshop CS’ new features helpful and instructive.