September 2004

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Suzanne Thomas

Learning Adobe InDesign CS with David Reeser. Mac/Windows CD, $99.95 <>

Gone are the days when you could learn an application by spending a few hours with the manual or with a third-party book. Many applications include the manual as the Help file or on CD in Acrobat Reader format. And no matter how good a book is, there’s no substitute for watching how a tool is used and doing it yourself. Enter with its myriad of movie-based tutorial for dozens of graphics applications.

Learning Adobe InDesign CS is a movie-based tutorial developed for beginning InDesign users interested in learning the basic tools and features of Adobe InDesign CS for page layout and design. Using simple step-by-step exercises, the training, which includes about eighty movie tutorials running about 5 hours, begins by covering the fundamentals of the tools and quickly advances to cover working with text and graphics, creating templates, setting up a book, outputting to PDF, working with typography and much more. Exercise files accompany the tutorial, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace.

The ideal way to use this CD is to run the movie and the application, doing what David Reeser does. Whether you’re new to page layout or a refugee from QuarkXPress, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll become proficient with InDesign. Each movie is short enough to keep your interest yet comprehensive enough to give you practice in learning a particular tool or function.

For more information, visit the Learning Adobe InDesign CS online library site. The CD will be demonstrated at the September 8th meeting.

A partial list of the tutorials available on