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 Mac FUNdamentals 

2014 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • OS X Finder feature, All My Files, and why it is not a well-respected feature.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • 3 free iOS utilities that can make yoru iPhone even more useful: NetAnalyzer Lite, System Status Lite, and Network MultiMeter.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Finder Tabs and how to use them.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • How to use the DuckDuckGo search engine in your web browser in both OS X and iOS, which doesn't track your searches or otherwise gather information from you.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to upgrade your Mac to OS X v. 10.9 aka Mavericks
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • How to get iTunes music onto iDevices
  • Multi-tasking with iDevices
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to manage email using email client software [think Apple Mail or Mozilla Thunderbird] using rules, which route email to various places based on email characteristics.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • iPad energy and storage management, a requested topic.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • 2014 kicks off with a modest topic: OS X and iOS Potpourri
    • meaning your co-leaders, Lee Maxwell and Bob Shindel, couldn't think of gripping topics themselves, so you can help us by suggesting your own.
  • We already have a couple of suggestions:
    • What are the pros and cons of upgrading your Mac to the latest version of either OS X or iOS.
    • Why, when using Messenger on an iOS device, do some word bubbles appear in blue and some in green?
    • To get the answers to these and any other burning questions, you are welcome to attend the next MacWaves meeting. And please bring your own questions about OS X and iOS, plus any Apple-related gifts you may have received that you wish to show off. We will be properly envyous..
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell & Bob Shindel

  • We'll also discuss any recent news about Apple Inc. and its products, and answer your technical questions [as best we can].

2013 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
12/14/2013 meeting cancled due to inclement weather
  • Bob and I plan to devote the entire meeting to talking about syncing and backing up your iDevices to either your Macs or PCs using iTunes, or to Apple's now preferred method, using iCloud.
  • We also will answer any and all questions about Macs and OS X, and iPhones, iPads and iPods and iOS, especially the new versions recently released.
  • Please come and join us at our new location. It's convenient to the Mall, its food court and lots of stores.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel & Lee Maxwell
  • Uninstalling software in OS X with AppDelete and TrashMe [continuation of August presentation]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Being a minimalist on your iPad/iPhone
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
09/28/2013 MacWaves will meet in the big room of SCAN Learning Center, located in the basement of Monmouth Mall, Eatontown. The closest entrance to SCAN is located between the Lowes movie theaters and JC Penney. Meetings will no longer be held at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft
  • A look at OS X 10.9 a.k.a. Mavericks [which is due to be released in September]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Syncing your iDevice to your computer
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Methods to uninstall applications in OS X and answering any questions you may have for file management in OS X, including how to select which application opens a particular file type.
  • As usual, we will play "Stump the Geek," where we do our best to answer your questions correctly.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • File management in iOS, especially how to handle PDF files, and how to uninstall apps..
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How Photostream works with iCloud, iPhoto, iOS devices.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Using iOS utilities & keeping your iOS device working at optimum speed.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to make and install custom ringtones for your iPhone.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to use Pixelmator with iPhoto to edit and correct photo images.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • The iPhone and GPS for both the car and bicycle, including the apps Waze for the car and MapMyRide for the bike.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Using and installing 2 great troubleshooting applications onto a USB Flash drive in case your Mac doesn't boot correctly: Apple's Recovery drive for OS X 10.7 "Lion" and 10.8 "Mountain Lion", as well as the latest version of DiskWarrior v.4.
    • Printed step-by-step instructions for both procedures will be available.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Software from non-Apple developers that changes the Mac OS X graphic user interface, how Apple has tried to throttle that software, and show some software that still does that.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • External storage options for iPhone and iPad users, including iCloud, DropBox, and WiDrive.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Using the Recovery partition introduced in OS X Lion and used in Mountain Lion to do various maintenance and repair functions.
  • We'll also discuss any recent news about Apple Inc. and its products, and answer your technical questions [as best we can]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Taking photos with the iPad, Using Dropbox with the pictures taken with the iPad, and if time allows intro to Photoshop Touch.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Meeting cancelled due to storm
  • How the Mac App Store has changed - the evolution of the Mac App Store as a source for Mac software, including what works well and what doesn't, as well as how to deal with trying to install software that doesn't come from the store.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • QR Codes and the iPad. A QR (Quick Response) Code is a ubiquitous machine-readable label that is a square black-and-white graphic attached to an item.
  • Ruth will show how to use QR codes and the camera on your iPad along with a QR app to shop for stuff, including resourcing Consumer Reports (see Digital Cameras, 2013 Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2013).
    • iPhone and iPad Touch versions can also be used.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel & Ruth Lewart

2012 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • Setting up Virtual machines on your mac
  • Apple/Mac gift suggestions.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Using the iPad
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
11/10/2012 cancelled due to the after effects of hurricane Sandy & leaders attempts to recover ;-)
  • iMovie in Mountain Lion and Lion.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Meet my new iPad: how to attach and use an external digital camera to your iPad, and a demonstration of the Kingston Ydrive external flash drive with the iPad.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Apple ID, iCloud and Apple Stores - sorting it all out.
  • Changes in Mountain Lion [and Lion] saving dialog boxes - save, save as, option save as, duplicate, rename, move to, etc.
  • I also hope we can cover the expected release of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, how Facebook integration will be brought with an update to OS X 10.8 aka Mountain Lion, and other news, and of course answer questions when we play Stump the Mac Geek.
  • I regret I have had to put off discussions on using virtual machines on a Mac, where you can use another operating system at the same time as OS X, and iMovie, but I hope to cover those before the end of this year. [If anyone would like to do their own presentations on these topics, I will yield to you.]
  • We also will review any news concerning Apple and Macintosh, of which there is too much to mention here, and answer your questions and Macs, Mac OS X and other Apple products.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Virtual machines on your Mac that let you run other operating systems in a window.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Mountain Lion and how it’s working
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Preview of upcoming Mac OS X upgrade 10.8, "Mountain Lion", including new features, cost, how to get it, which Macs 10.8 will work on and not, etc.
  • We also will review any news concerning Apple and Macintosh.
  • Q&A on Macs, Mac OS X and other Apple products.
  • presenters: Lee & Bob
  • iMovie in Lion, and how to download YouTube videos to your Mac.
  • how to extract sound tracks from YouTube videos.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • iCal, Apple's calendar/scheduling application.
  • the end of MobileMe and migra- tion to iCloud.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • We both plan to do the presentations we had planned to do last month, but with more:
  • I will make a presentation on "iMovie in Lion," which should be interesting because I am not a heavy iMovie user. I will revisit the Mac App Store and note any changes, and, if time permits, install some RAM in a MacWaves user's computer, which should be pretty easy. [I'll do it after the meeting if we don't have time during.]
  • We also will review any news concerning Apple and Macintosh, of which there is too much to mention here, and answer your questions and Macs, Mac OS X and other Apple products.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob Shindel will present Apple's iCal, a calendar/scheduling application, with Automator, Apple's easy-to-use utility to program repeated tasks.
  • His bonus will be to talk about the web plugin "Do Not Track Plus", a web browser plugin from Abine Software that prevents websites from tracking your web browser activities.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
05/12/2012 Meeting canceled due to illness.
  • How saving files has changed in Mac OS X v10.7 a.k.a. Lion.
  • We also will review any news concerning Apple and Macintosh, including the new Flashback Trojan Horse malware that purportedly has infected half a million Macs, the seemingly never-ending increase in value of Apple stock, and thus the entire company, and answer your questions and Macs, Mac OS X and other Apple products.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Apple Mail.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

  • How to revert some of the new features in Mac OS X 10.7 a.k.a. Lion.
  • We also will review any news concerning Apple and Macintosh, including the introduction of new iPads March 7th morning [and any other surprises Tim Cook may reveal], and answer your questions..
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Privacy on the Web, especially as it pertains to Google and its new omnibus policy.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Meeting canceled due to weather conditions.
  • Review of any recent Apple news and, of course, try to answer your questions.
  • How to troubleshoot problems with Apple's Time Machine backup software [which I covered in this month's issue of BCUG Bytes].
  • iCloud: What it is and what it means to Mac users.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell

2011 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • How to make a bootable backup using Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! [exclamation point is part of the name of the program]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Apple TV
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to obtain and set up a backup hard drive, and how to set up either Time Machine, Apple's default backup software, or a recommended second-party backup application to make backups.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • HandBrake, "an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows. It converts from nearly any video format to a handful of modern ones. It does not rip video byte by byte.
    It does not crack the latest DVD copy protection schemes hatched by the studios." [Quotes from Handbrake website.]
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Dave Mara, Sr Engineer of Apple Computer, presents OS X Lion (and much more!).
  • presenter: Dave Marra, Apple Senior Engineer
  • Basic features of OSX Lion 10.7.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Apple's Word Processing Application iWork Pages.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Using Microsoft Office for Macintosh to lay out a book -- Part 2.
  • presenter: Jean Laidig
  • Once Jean has concluded, Lee will present the latest version of Mac OS X, v.10.7 a.k.a. Lion, which I have installed on my MacBook Pro and seems to be a pretty good upgrade.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Lee will give a presentation on the soon-to-be-released, newest version of Mac OS X, v10.7, aka Lion. It's possible that Lion will be available by then, but most likely it will be released the followin week. But we'll go over what we know about it, including how to get it.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Using Microsoft Office for Macintosh to lay out a book -- Part 1.
  • presenter: Jean Laidig
  • Lee will lead MacFundamentals: How to set up a secure internet connection. and
  • Discussion of the recent MacDefender group of malware, and Mac security.
  • New features announced in Mac OS X 10.7, a.k.a. "Lion".
  • Plus your questions and some items up for grabs.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
05/14/2011 Meeting cancelled - the webmistress apologizes for not updating the web page :( my bad.
  • Lee will look tell us what all those ports are on the back and sides of your Macintosh and what they do.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will show you how to burn CDs and DVDs using the Macintosh OS, Automator, and iTunes for audio and MP3 CDs.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will discuss what changes are anticipated in Mac OS X 1.7, codename "Lion".
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will examine Keynote '09, part of Apple iWork. How does Keynote differ from PowerPoint?
    • Facebook, Groups, Privacy and Security may come up again too.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will talk the essence of Macintosh hardware and what changes you might see in the future.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will examine Pages '09, part of Apple iWork. How does Pages differ from Word?
    • Facebook, Groups, Privacy and Security may come up again too.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will examine Finder Windows and the many operating systems libraries.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will explore social networking sites (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn).
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

2010 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • Lee will talk about OSX 10.7 Lion
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Lou will tell you why you might want an iPad on your Christmas List, both for giving and getting!
  • presenter: Lou Jacobson
  • Bob will re-examine Facebook, Groups, Privacy and Security now that MacWaves has a Facebook Group Page.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will talk about the new developments at Apple: OSX 10.7 Lion, the upcoming App Store for Macs, and more.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will introduce the group to Snapz Pro X the screen capturing software from Ambrosia Software.
  • Social Networking Announcement: both BCUG and MacWaves have their own Facebook Group Pages! Jo Grazide set up the Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG) group page and Bob Shindel set up the MacWaves group page.
    • The MacWaves SIG of BCUG group page uses the "Mac Waves" ID.
    • (Please DON'T friend Mac Waves! Please!) I encourage all of you who have Facebook accounts to join both groups and any of the BCUG SIGs that surely will later form their own Facebook Group pages.
    • Next comes a meetup.com group pages!
  • While on the subject of Facebook. Perhaps I should go into this more at the meeting, but I have a warning for all who use Public WiFi Hotspots and log onto sites like Facebook and Twitter. There is a nasty little extension for Firefox called Firesheep. This extension should freak you out! It collects Cookies, YOUR COOKIES! All of us should install HTTPS Everywhere from the Electronic Frontier Foundation for Firefox and use it. Let's hope Apple gets it act together and creates something like this for Safari soon, very soon. Until then I'll use Firefox with HHTS Everywhere installed as my browser whenever I'm using a WiFi Hotspot. For more information read:
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Managing passwords with and without Apple Keychain.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Extensions for Safari.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • an iPad Tip
  • presenter: Lou Jacobson
  • Speech recognition and verbal command processing built into Mac OS X.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Graphic Converter
  • presenter: James McEowen
  • Lee: was unable to give his talk.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Guest speaker Lou (Sequoia Lou): Apple's iPad
  • presenter: Lou (Sequoia Lou) Jacobson
  • Lee will cover Adobe Flash. What is and why does Steve Jobs not like it?
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will cover Safari 5; HTML 5.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will cover Menu Extras: what they do, how to activate hidden MEs, how to add third-party MEs.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will look at Internet Privacy in general and FaceBook in particular. and
  • an introduction to an app for older Macs, and not so old Macs: ClickToFlash, which lets you control Flash in Safari.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will review System Preferences, both some of the important Apple prefpanes and some helpful third-party prefpanes.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will Disk Images and enlighten you as to why you should know about them, use them and burn them.
  • Then Bob will discuss the future of the Macintosh Computer. Will it go the way of the Apple II, in favor of these new insanely great devices? Will the operating system even be relevant in the future? Will we do our image and video editing in camera? Will we all be cloud computing soon?
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

Special Presentation • Dave Marra, Senior Systems Engineer, Apple Computer, presents Mac OS X 10.6 aka Snow Leopard:

  • Who is Dave Marra and why should we be excited about this? As a Senior Systems Engineer for Apple, Dave Marra has conducted thousands of technology presentations, keynote addresses and workshops for schools, Mac and PC user groups, businesses and other professional organizations across the United States and Canada. Certified as both an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator and an Apple Certified Systems Administrator, his specialty areas include digital multimedia, internet technologies, accessibility and Mac/PC integration. For more information about Dave, please visit his web site.
    • I'm very excited about this, as you know, I've been talking about this at our meetings for months! I have seen Dave Marra several times before, here at MacWaves, at The Princeton Mac Users Group and at the MUG Lounge at MacWorld San Francisco. Those of us who have seen Dave before know what I am talking about. Those whose haven't are in for a treat!
  • Dave is bringing an iPad, but his main focus will be Snow Leopard.
    • (Dave knows and loves MUGs! We may be interested in the iPad, but we LOVE our Macs and the Mac OS!)
  • Here is his show description from an email Dave sent me earlier this week.
    • The upgrade to Apple's most successful operating system ever, Snow Leopard builds upon a decade of Mac OS X innovation with hundreds of refinements, new core technologies and out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange, all engineered upon a rock-solid, 64-bit UNIX foundation. Snow Leopard features a more responsive Finder; significantly faster built-in applications; a Dock with Exposé integration; Safari 4, the world's fastest web browser; QuickTime X, to easily view, record, trim and share video; and much, much more! Discover Mac OS X v.10.6 Snow Leopard today — the world's most advanced operating system, finely tuned.
  • presenter: Dave Marra
  • Lee discusses Contextual Menus and Services .
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will talk about organizing Apple Mail, including using Smart Mailboxes.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee: how fonts work on your Mac. Review of Turbotax and H&R Block tax-preparation software.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob covers online security in FaceBook.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will examine Finder Windows and the many operating systems libraries.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will explore social networking sites (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn).
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

2009 Meetings

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • Lee will examine the basics of Mac OS X, and how to burn a CD or DVD from the Finder and iTunes; how to troubleshoot.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Bob will share his experience in moving my data to a new Mac.
  • Since it is the Holiday Season; I'll talk about Cookies. Not the Cookies that we leave for Santa, but the Cookies the Internet leaves on our computer. MacScan, is an application that removes tracking and the more malicious cookies that you may have collected from your Mac. Though not a problem now, I'm sure it will be in the not to distant future, MacScan also looks for Spyware. I'll have a Coupon Code for 20% off MacScan.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Lee will start thing off by discussing the basics of Mac OS X file system, and search techniques.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Ken will talk about producing podcasts, and the different applications that he uses in producing a podcast.
  • presenter: Ken McGee
  • How to view and use Mac OS X folders and windows
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • The newest version of iTunes
  • presenter: August Culbert
  • Learning to use podcasts
  • presenter: Ellie Brachfeld
  • Lee will start off the meeting by installing Mac OS 10.6 aka "Snow Leopard" on BCUG's MacBook. He will then yield the floor to August Culbert & Bob Shindel
  • Once August & Bob are done and Snow Leopard finishes installing, Lee will start over again.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • As the installation continues August will look at the freeware utility Onyx.
  • presenter: August Culbert
  • Bob will look at MenuMeters and some of the goodies that come in your Utilities Folder.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Requirements to upgrade to Snow Leopard
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • What to expect in OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard, Apple's new Operating System.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Differences between an Mac OS X system update verses and system upgrade, and how to prepare for and carry out system updates.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Using Onyx and other Macintosh Maintenance tools.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Skype and how to use it.
  • For download, see: http://www.skype.com/download/skype/macosx/
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Making bootable external drives: both Hard drives, and Flash drives.
  • I will tell you all you need to know about making a bootable external drive for your Mac.
    • Why do you need one?
    • Flash Drive or Hard Drive?
    • USB 2 or FireWire?
    • What about OS 9?
    • Should I partition, and what format should I use on the drive?.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Alternative Applications for the Mac:
    • Web Page HTML Editors.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Automator Revisited
    • Automator comes with Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5. Without any coding you can drag and drop your way into automating repetitive task that might take many minutes to hours, and reduce them to only seconds! Automator allows you create automated workflows for batch processing of files or often repeated tasks without any scripting.
    • I will be looking at Automator with the digital photographer in mind. With Automator you can rename all the one hundred and fifty digital camera files in a folder from something meaningless like say; IMG_3425.jpg to IMG_3575.jpg to something reasonable like CapeMay_Spring09_001.jpg to CapeMay_Spring09_150.jpg in just a matter of seconds.
    • You can also resize those 150 files for your web gallery or emailing in just a matter of minutes and/or change the file format at the same time if you wish, all without any coding.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Alternatives to Quark and Illustrator.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Alternatives to Photoshop
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Free alternatives to Microsoft's Office Suite.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • A look at the upgraded Macintoshes
  • Introduction you to Google Apps
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Beginner: The care and feeding of your new laptop. As laptops get more powerful and cheaper more MacUsers are acquiring laptops as a 2nd Mac or even replacing their desktop Mac with a MacBook. Then right on cue last Saturday the hard drive on my PowerBook died, so we will replace the hard drive in my PowerBook during the meeting. Then if time allows, we will reinstall the Operating System and restore my settings and documents from my external hard drive using Time Machine.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • The iPod Touch, aka iTouch -- it is more toy or tool? Again we will go hands-on as Anyone who has an iTouch or iPhone and uses it for more than a MP3 player or cell phone was invited to share with us what they do with their iTool. We discussed "Jailbraking" your iPod Touch or iPhone and before you very eyes we voided the warrantee on my iPod Touch!
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Beginner: Internet safety
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • What you need to know about hard drives
  • News from MacWorld Expo
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

2008-2009 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
12/13/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: Sorting out your old Mac stuff: what to keep and what to discard.
  • Intermediate: Simple and inexpensive Mac-related gifts.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
12/10/2008 MacWaves
  • MacWaves Annual Holiday Party. This year we will meet at 7 pm in Room 175 of the High Tech High School. I will be bringing Cups, Plates and Napkins; the rest is up to you. Along with the snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, bring in anything you made with your Macintosh Computer, your predictions for MacWorld, Holiday Mac related gift ideas, and any Mac questions.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
11/12/2008 MacWaves
  • Automator, IMHO, the most neglected feature of the Macintosh OS System. Introduced in OS 10.4 and improved in 10.5 Automator makes repetitious tasks a snap. Task like renaming those digital camera files from something meaningless like "DSC000523 to DSC000544" into "Maine_2008_Trip_001 to Maine_2008_Trip_0021," and more! No scripting is needed to create you own Automator Workflow, Application, or Plug-in.
  • We will also read the "tea leaves" for the future of Firewire.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
11/08/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: What is Spotlight and how it works.
  • Intermediate: Did you know? Little-known features in Mac OS X Tiger and Leopard..
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
10/11/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: Changing the default firewall settings in Leopard to make the firewall more secure.
  • Intermediate: The changing nature of threats (including trojan horses, spyware and social networking exploits) to the Macintosh, and how to effectively respond.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
10/08/2008 MacWaves
  • Photo Editing Software, we will be looking at Nikon's Capture NX Photo Editing Software. What are RAW Digital Photo files? Why are they different for each manufacturer of digital cameras? Why should we care? Capture NX is designed to handle RAW files from Nikon Digital Cameras (NEF) as well as JPEG and TIFF formats. How does it differ from Photoshop, Lightroom, or iPhoto? We'll also look at some tricks for Photoshop Elements.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

Combination MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings:

  • In preparation for the upcoming year and the MacFundamentals portion of the meeting meeting I would like to know what you have been doing with your Mac this Summer.
    • Are there any projects you would like to share?
    • Have you discovered any websites or Podcast that you want to let the other MacFundamentalist know about?
    • If so, reply to me, and let me know about them, so that I can share it with everyone at the meeting.
    • Also tell me what subjects you would like for us to cover this year.
    • Here's an example of what I would like...
      • "Bob I want to know more about iPhoto vs Photoshop Elements."
    • This is my Podcast discovery that I want to share, "In Our Times with Melvyn Bragg" from BBC Radio 4.
    • "In Our Times" is on Vacation for the Summer, but you can listen to their archives via Real Audio.
      • Whether talking about the science of Probability, The Metaphysical Poets of the 17 century, or the man who helped bring down the Soviet Union from within with his genetic pseudoscience; it is always an interesting 40 minutes.
      • These were some of my favorite podcasts of the last season.
    • Here is a video I made with iMovie HD of our summer visitors, the pod of dauphins swimming in the Navesink shot from the Rumson Oceanic bridge and uploaded to the Mobile Me Site. This is not a masterpiece, and I don't like how the Mobile Me Gallery shrank down the viewing size of my movie.
  • Booting up the Club's Intel MacBook using a flash drive.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

2007-2008 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
06/04/2008 MacWaves
  • iPhoto - what you can do with the newest version of iPhoto. We will also work on bringing a couple of surprises as well.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

  • Beginner: due to the combined meeting times, this section will not be presented
  • Intermediate: New to Leopard: Setting up and using Spaces (one of two topics I had hoped to do, but iChat will wait for another time)
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell

MacWaves Planning
  • Also, we are planning to hold a discussion sometime this summer on the future of MacWaves and MacFundamentals, and on how to reach out to the growing number of Macintosh users about who we are and what we do, with the goal to increase our membership and attendance.
    We invite all MacWaves and MacFundamentals users to participate in this discussion. If you are interested please contact Bob ( ) or Lee ( ), so we can coordinate a meeting time and place.
05/14/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: New to Leopard: New features in Apple's Safari
  • Intermediate: New to Leopard: Understanding and using Parental Controls
    • Bonus Topic: how to safely download and install software from the internet
    • And, as a bonus, we will auction off a copy of the newest version of iWork, featuring Pages, Numbers and Keynote
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
05/07/2008 MacWaves
  • Besides looking at the news from Apple, we will be examining the ins and outs shooting and stitching photographic panoramas. We wonít be using any exotic or expensive software, Weíll just use Photoshop Elements 6ís PhotoMerge which, as I have found out in researching this meeting, turns an excellent panorama. Weíll also use PSE6 to fix and enhance the panorama. Iíll being in some panoramic prints, and a 24 by 36 blowup of one of the slides we scanned at the beginning of the year. Then weíll look at burning CDís and DVDs. That should keep us busy.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
04/09/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: What you need to set up an email account in email software
  • Intermediate: New to Leopard: New features in Apple Mail
  • We can also talk about using webmail versus an email client software, sending and receiving email attachments, whether you need worry about viruses coming from email, how to back up email, and more.
  • DF's of the meeting:
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
04/02/2008 MacWaves
  • Genealogy
  • We have a special guest speaker for April's MacWaves meeting. Beverly Yackel, President of The Monmouth County Genealogy Society http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~njmcgs/index.htm will speak to us about using the Internet for genealogical research. We will also talk about using Reunion 9 http://www.leisterpro.com/ for organizing your family tree with the information that you have gleaned from the Web. Attached is a handout from Ms Yackel to bring us all up to speed for the meeting. Do your homework and bring your questions MacWavers!
  • We will also have a special auction! Two items of software will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Apple's Macintosh OS X 10.5 "Leopard" and Roxio's Toast 8!
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
03/12/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: New to Leopard: Making a web clip a Dashboard widget
  • Intermediate: What is Front Row and how can I use it?
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
03/05/2008 MacWaves
02/13/2008 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: New to Leopard: Stacks on the new look Dock: how they work -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • Intermediate: New to Leopard: Setting up Time Machine backup system -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • I will also feature a couple more of new Mac user's favorite mistakes, plus a look at other changes to the Dock in Leopard, and of course attempt to answer any and all questions.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
02/06/2008 MacWaves
  • MacWorld Apple's Creative Suite iLife 08
  • News from MacWorld 2008: the new AirBook and more
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
01/09/2008 FUNdamentals
01/02/2008 MacWaves
  • Filemaker Pro
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
12/12/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: How to move and copy files in the Finder -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • Intermediate: How (and why) to open a file in another application -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
12/05/2007 MacWaves
  • Holiday Party
11/14/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: Why is this file icon look like a white paper, and what do I do about it? -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • Intermediate: How to burn a CD in the Finder and iTunes -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
11/07/2007 MacWaves
  • Leopard, the new Mac OS
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
10/10/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: How to navigate your hard drive and find things -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • Intermediate: How (and when) to download and install software updates -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
10/03/2007 MacWaves
  • iWork '08 and how it differs from AppleWorks
    • It's time to find out as ApplesWorks days are numbered. (Look for AppleWorks on the Software Page of the Apple Store Website, see if you can find it!)
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
09/12/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Beginner: How to install Mac OS X Tiger -- presentation notes in PDF format [command or control click the link to download the file]
  • Intermediate: Preparing your Mac to upgrade Mac OS X, which should be timely, since 10.5 aka Leopard should be out shortly after then.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
09/05/2007 MacWaves

2006-2007 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
06/13/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Basic troubleshooting techniques.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
06/06/2007 MacWaves
06/02/2007 MacWaves MUG 7th Picnic
05/09/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Hidden secrets of Preview
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
05/02/2007 MacWaves
  • Apple's iWeb
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
04/11/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Mastering Safari and other web browsers.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
04/04/2007 MacWaves
  • Putting your Video on the Video iPod, using Mac the Ripper and iMovie. Demo of getting your personal DVD movie to your iPod and a movie from a camcorder to the iPod via iMovie.
  • presenter: Suzanne Thomas
  • Windows on a Mac! - Show and Tell
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
03/14/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Using Apple Mail and Address Book
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
03/07/2007 MacWaves
  • Introduction to audio software for the Mac.
  • presenter: Ken McGee
02/14/2007 FUNdamentals
  • Troubleshooting Keychains
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
02/07/2007 MacWaves
  • Report on MacWorld San Francisco.
  • It's movie time! I'll show the video I shot in and around MacWorld. Be amazed as Ted Landau boots his MacBook Pro from a 1 Gig Flash Drive! Thrill as Graham Nash tells you how he pioneered fine art digital printing. Check out Andy Ihnatko's true geek driving directions!
  • After the video, tell me what do you think of the events there? I want to hear from you. Does Apple dropping the word "Computer" from its name scare you?
  • Was the coolest new Mac not from Apple? Check out the ModBook.
  • Who's first for an iPhone?
  • Where was Leopard in the Keynote?
  • Do you really need the Apple TV?
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
01/28/2007 MacWaves
01/10/2007 FUNdamentals
  • The importance of downloading and installing software updates.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
01/03/2007 MacWaves
  • Hands on iMovie demo.
  • presenter: Tom Reu
12/13/2006 MacWaves Holiday Party
12/06/2006 MacWaves
  • Permissions and OSX, are they more than a note from your Mom -- what are they; Myths and Misunderstandings.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
11/08/2006 FUNdamentals
  • Advanced Finder features.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
11/01/2006 MacWaves
  • Keyboard Shortcuts will free us from the tyranny of the Mouse! No more will you be held captive of the Drop Down Menu! We aren't talking about the lightweight Command-S to save your file, we're talking heave lifting here! There's a secret Cocoa second clipboard!
  • Open your Utilities Folder, bypass your Start-up drive and boot from the next available bootable drive (Not necessarily the CD/DVD Drive.)
  • Zoom in out out of your screen, or invert their colors on screen! (Why would you want to do that you might ask, well I'll tell you!)
  • Next we take a closer look at iTunes.
    • How to use Smart Playlist, clean up and organize your files, and import your Audio CDs the way you want.
    • Do you want to listen to that ACC Podcast on your car, but you don't have iPod or other portable MP3 player, only your car's CD player? We'll show you how you can.
    • And finally no discussion of iTunes is complete is without a discussion of iTunes DRM.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
10/11/2006 FUNdamentals
  • Customizing the desktop and window appearance and features; tips of the month; some mini-instructions.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
10/04/2006 MacWaves
  • Good RAM gone bad
  • What use is the Terminal and why would you use it?
  • TextEdit tips.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
09/13/2006 MacWaves
  • Tentative: the latest product announcements from Apple
  • presenter: Representative(s) from the Apple Store in Freehold, NJ
  • Alternative: About Intel Macs, booting Windows on an Intel Mac.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
09/06/2006 FUNdamentals - No Meeting - HTS still closed for summer

2005-2006 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
  • iLife '06: iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, and iWeb.
  • presenter: Alice
  • Cost-effective backup solutions
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Printers: Laser vs. Inkjet; photo paper vs. plain paper; networking printers, USB Sharing vs. Ethernet (Maybe even sharing printers between Macs and PC for those of us in mixed marriages.), cleaning clogged inkjet heads on Epson printers, and updating drivers.
  • a Google tip or two.Think about a picnic this Summer too!
  • presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to use your Mac OS X installer CD to solve a variety of problems
  • Iinexpensive but effective backup strategies.
  • How to add, use and manage services.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
04/12/2006 Cancelled - High Tech High School closed.
  • File types and file extensions.
  • Flip4Mac as an alternative to Windows Media Player. Flip4Mac is a QuickTime plug-in that allows QuickTime Player to play WMV movies.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • The Activity Monitor utility application and what it does.
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Malware, including viruses (virii), worms, Trojan horses, and other nasty stuff, and what you can do to prevent them from ruining you life.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Music on the Mac:
    - Different file formats AAC to WMA with MP3 in between.
    - File compression with no pocket protectors needed!
    - Discuss Digital Rights Management (DRM) or Digital Restrictions Management.
    - How to rip a Music CD with iTunes.
  • About the "new" security threats to Macs. How serious are they?
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Using and adding Widgets to Dashboard; using Amnesty Widget Browser.
  • How to use freeware tools to run Unix maintenance scripts.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • An introduction to making movies on the Mac.
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • How to safely download and install a update to MacOS X.
  • Discussion of new products at MacWorld 2006.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Setting up your digital darkroom. A discussion of photo image editing applications, digital cameras, scanners, and printers.
  • The importance of backing up, and why I got a new Hard Drive for Christmas.
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • What to expect in the Macintosh world in 2006
  • Highlight a worthwhile shareware application.
  • Raffle: Plextor Convert XPVR with Elgato EyeTV, which lets you watch TV on your Macintosh, a device I reviewed in the October issue of BCUG Bytes.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Holiday Wish list for Mac Beginners. What to look for in asking for a Mac Centric Gift.
  • A look at DVD/CD burners and what all those numbers mean.
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • Cheap Graphics Software, those MacOS X-based alternatives to QuarkXPress and the Adobe/Macromedia products that cost so much.
  • Some of the software titles we will look at include: Blender, Cenon, Desktop Publisher Pro, EazyDraw, Graphic Converter, Intaglio, Swift Publisher and Stone Studio. This will be a whirlwind tour, but I will make some recommendations and have a list of recommended applications to hand out (most are downloadable on a trial basis from versiontracker.com)
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • First, we'll answer, or bluff, our way through any and all questions while you fill our our survey.
  • A look into Permissions and Preferences. Where are they hiding in OSX? Why do we repair former and throw away the latter?
  • Adventures in used iBook land. Which is cheaper, a $300 500 Mhz G3 iBook or a $700 1.2 Ghz G4 iBook? What are the warning signs to look for to avoid a used Lemon Laptop?
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • New products announced by Apple only hours before we convence.
  • Some favorite Mac websites.
  • The future of the Macintosh and MacWaves.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Selecting good passwords. Why is 'password' bad, 'password123' fair, 'PassWORD369' better, 'WwMo4695iLV' good, and 'm$$i3YoTmD@' best; and how do you remember those last two without using Key Chain?
  • Apple's .mac service. Is it worth the $100 a year? The short answer is "it depends". For the long answer you have to show up at the meeting. We will look in to what .mac has to offer and does it fit your needs. Then we will discuss whether this will make it worth the price of the ticket.
  • Podcast -- what is it, and how to access and play them. We will look where to find them, what topics are available, do you need an iPod to listen to them, and if you do have an iPod, or other portable MP3 player, how to listen to them over your car radio.
    -- presenter: Bob Shindel
  • "Intel inside Macintosh: What Does It Mean?" We will discuss the announced shift of Apple Computer from the IBM PowerPC chip to Intel chips and what it will mean for the average Mac user, including will Macs be faster, can you operate Windows XP and MacOS X on the same computer, is it worth it to buy a PowerPC-based Mac, and will all your software still work, among others. We will do our best to cut through the hype and rumors to get to the facts available, and discuss the questions that remain unansswered.
    -- presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • Steve Jobs said "there are no more excuses for Windozers not buying a Mac", albeit the Mini, and he was right!. That Jobs fella is some smart salesman.
  • PC veteran, moi, will demo the Mac Mini up close and naked. I may not speak fluent MacEEZe, but armed with my two-button mouse, I will show "Can't-Live-Without" 'right-mouse' clicks for short-cut context menus. But where did the Alias short-cut go to? I will explain what an Alias is and demo how and why to create one. Audience participation is welcomed to determine why a PC Guy is messing with a Mac and how Mac Beginners can help him out. You may even learn who has a direct line to Steve Jobs, or at least to his office and his secretary."
    -- presenter: Fred Kagel

2004-2005 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
06/08/2005 How to perform backups of your important data. -- Matt Gall
Some explanations of Tiger features.
06/01/2005 How to get your Mac ready to install a new version of Apple's MacOS X (10.4 aka Tiger) operating system --- presenter: Lee Maxwell
05/11/2005 First look at the newest version of MacOS X, Tiger
Demo of PatternMaker for Adobe InDesign.
05/04/2005 How to set up a WiFi local area computer network using Apple Airport technology.
-- presenter: Tom Reu
04/13/2005 Mac OS Presentation Software Pageant
-- presenter: Lee Maxwell
04/06/2005 Methods to set up an Internet Connection
-- presenter: Lee Maxwell
03/09/2005 How to Make a QuickTime Virtual Reality Panorama
-- presenter: Bob Shindel
03/09/2005 Basic Mac Software Maintenance Procedures
-- presenters: Lee Maxwell Bob Shindel
02/09/2005 Comparison of word processor/office applications for Mac OS X. Low-cost alternatives to Microsoft Word/Office -- featuring: TextEdit, Tex-Edit, AbiWord, NeoOffice-J, AppleWorks and Apple's new Pages application.
02/02/2005 Customizing the Mac OS X graphic user interface (GUI, prounounced "gooeee"). Some tips and tricks in MacOS X, and some cool third-party software you can use to make things really interesting. Mac OS users can make the graphic user interface even more friendly with these tips, tricks and software add-ons..
01/12/2005 Get Organized -- A collection of programs to help you organize your life and/or your work in many ways including: MacCabinet, RadicalSqueeze, iTaf, MenuCalendarClock, iAddressX, Synergy, YouControl:Desktops, Studiometry, and OmniGraffle Pro.
- Presenter: Matt Gall, former MacWaves leader

List of Software covered:

01/05/2005 Meeting CANCELLED -- due to weather.
12/08/2004 Music production on the Mac, presented by Ken McGee. Holiday software goodies.
12/01/2004 Customizing the MacOS X GUI. MacOS users can make the graphic user interface even more friendly with these tips, tricks and software add-ons. -- TALK RESCHEDULED due to technical difficultties.
11/10/2004 iMovie to Final Cut Express Comparison
11/03/2004 "Tips and Tricks: Using Macintosh Windows" -- effective methods for using MacOS windows and open and save dialog boxes. Demonstration of Default Folder, a great shareware for enhancing open and save dialog boxes.
10/13/2004 "Using QuickTime Pro and QuickTime Virtual Reality," presented by Bob Shindel. We had a surprise at meeting -- the SpamSieve developer provided 3 free licenses to give away, plus his permission to make unlicensed copies on CDs for every other member.
10/06/2004 "Secrets of the MacOS X Dock" -- how to use its numerous attributes, how to alter it (including tricks Apple doesn't talk about) and some alternatives to it. Commercial & shareware equivalents for Mac OS 9 users.
09/08/2004 Adobe InDesign
- with emphasis on its graphics functions.
- a segment from the lynda.com tutorial CD on InDesign
- info about the lynda.com web site and what it offers educators, professionals, & students.
09/01/2004 Meeting CANCELLED -- HTHS was closed

2003-2004 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
06/12/2004 6th Annual MacWaves picnic
06/09/2004 iMovie & QuickTime (continuing our theme from the stop motion animation: how to add titles and graphics -- see the current version at <http://homepage.mac.com/macwaves/iMovieTheater9.html>).
06/02/2004 iPhoto and using a digital camera with it, also discussion on the recent security holes in MacOS X, the solutions from Apple and other sharewware develoipers, and what to do about the problem.
05/12/2004 AppleWorks & .Mac (dot Mac - Apple's web mail and more)
05/05/2004 iTunes
04/14/2004 Stop Motion Animation (Round 2)
04/07/2004 setting up your iPod
03/10/2004 GarageBand, part of iLife '04
03/03/2004 -
02/11/2004 iDVD
02/04/2004 -
01/14/2004 Stop Motion Animation
01/07/2004 iCal & AddressBook (OS X), OS 9 Calendar options
12/10/2003 Annual Holiday Party!
12/03/2003 Burning CDs: from the finder, using Toast, within iPhoto, what format to use for PC compatibility, proper labeling of CD's
11/12/2003 Panther - the latest Mac OS X (version 10.3)
11/05/2003 Fonts for Mac OS 9 and OS X
10/08/2003 Browser Comparisons
10/01/2003 -
09/10/2003 -
09/08/2003 Creating Password Protected Web Pages
09/03/2003 -

2002-2003 Season

Date Meeting Topics / Notes
08/30/2003 MacWaves 5th Annual picnic "post - MacWorld"
08/06/2003 Open Forum
08/04/2003 Hiding Email Addresses from Web Robots - HidingIt.html
07/23/2003 MacWorld news, the importance of backing up your data, tips & tricks
07/21/2003 Creating HTML email messages
06/11/2003 AppleScripting & AppleWorks (OS 9 & X)
06/09/2003 Creating a home page with auto changing images
06/04/2003 iTunes
05/14/2003 PDF files -- what they are and how to create them using Mac OS X & Adobe Acrobat
05/12/2003 More Floating Boxes
05/05/2003 Lee's Favorite Shareware & Freeware (OS 9 & OS X)
04/14/2003 Floating Boxes and Rollovers
04/09/2003 Internet -- Security, Protecting your credit, Actually getting rebates - Security Info
04/02/2003 -
03/12/2003 AppleWorks
03/10/2003 Understanding the Site Window
03/05/2003 -
02/12/2003 Creating a story using iMovie and iPhoto
02/10/2003 Creating: New pages, Links, and Introduction to Smart Objects
02/05/2003 Basic hard drive maintenance. How to set monitor resolution. Both topics cover OS 9 and OS X.
01/13/2003 GoLive - starting from the beginning
01/08/2003 Wireless networking: Bluetooth, Airport, ...
01/02/2003 -
12/11/2002 Annual Winter Holidays Party!
12/09/2002 Cascading Style Sheets
12/04/2002 -
11/13/2002 How to shoot video like a pro -- by Frank Farell of Custom Video Productions
11/11/2002 What's new inGoLive 6 -- is upgrading to version 6 right for you?
11/06/2002 Utilities: Norton, File Buddy
10/21/2002 QuickTime Editor - Part 2
10/09/2002 Mac OS X 10.2 - Jaguar, using the iPod
10/02/2002 -
09/11/2002 Photoshop 7, SnapzPro X, QuicKeys X
09/09/2002 QuickTime Editor - Part 1
09/04/2002 -

2001-2002 Season

Date Meeting: Main Topic Notes/Newsletter
08/12/2002 -
08/10/2002 4th Annual "post - MacWorld" MacWaves picnic
08/07/2002 -
07/17/2002 -
07/08/2002 -
06/12/2002 Microsoft Office X V13N10.2002-06
06/10/2002 Components and Meta Tags
06/05/2002 Managing Email on Mac OS X (and how to back up your email)
05/13/2002 Uploading / Publishing Your Web Site
05/08/2002 Using AppleWorks to create a Newsletter; Extensis Suitcase V13N09.2002-05
04/30/2002 Managing Email on Mac OS 9 (and how to back up your email)
04/10/2001 Adobe Photoshop Elements; A web site for your photos V13N08.2002-04
04/08/2001 No meeting
04/08/2001 Transferring our old files to your new Mac (Mac to Mac networking)
03/13/2002 Mac OS X: Tips and Tricks V13N07.2002-03
03/11/2002 Creating Rollovers
03/06/2002 iTools: your iDisk and iMail
02/13/2002 Mac Networks V13N06.2002-02
02/11/2002 Link Roll Overs
02/06/2002 iTools
01/14/2002 -
01/09/2002 MacWorld SF Announcements! V13N05.2002-01
01/02/2002 -
12/12/2001 Annual Holidy Party & Toy Show, show off your favorite toys, refreshments, etc. V13N04.2001-12
12/10/2001 -
12/05/2001 Taming your Apple menu: What's all this stuff, and do I need it? Plus last-minute gift ideas.
11/14/2001 Portable Digital Audio/MIDI Editing Demo V13N03.2001-11
11/12/2001 -
11/07/2001 Mac OS X: Freedom or Aggravation, or at what point should I switch over (if ever)?
10/10/2001 Raffle! V13N02.2001-10
10/08/2001 -
10/03/2001 What's in the Mac system folder? What's this stuff do, and what's safe -- and unsafe -- to change?
09/12/2001 Welcome back! V13N01.2001-09
09/10/2001 -
09/05/2001 Customizing your Mac with desktop pictures, custom icons, custom sounds, screensavers and more. (Think holiday themes: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, etc.)

2000-2001 Season

Date Meeting: Main Topic Notes/Newsletter
08/04/2001 3rd Annual "post - MacWorld" MacWaves picnic
08/13/2001 -
07/11/2001 -
06/13/2001 Preventing and Recovering from Crashes, Freezes, etc.
06/11/2001  Adding files to you web site. Notes
06/06/2001 Join us as walk through installing / configuring the new Mac OS X! V12N10.2001-06
05/14/2001 -
05/09/2001 - V12N09.2001-05
05/02/2001 -
04/11/2001 Managing Your Mac's Memory Links, Tech_Info
04/09/2001 Uploading your web site.
04/04/2001 Special! Dave Marra, Apple Senior Systems Engineer - gave an exciting evening exploring the best hardware and software technologies from Apple Computer. He demonstrated the latest in awesome Apple hardware including: the iMac DV, the iBook (with FireWire), the new super-fast Power Mac G4, and the Titanium PowerBook G4, All operated on an AirPort wireless network! We also had a sneak peek at Mac OS X and QuickTime 5 digital multimedia featuring iMovie 2.0, iDVD and QuickTime TV. V12N08.2001-04
03/14/2001 Tax Software, more burning CD-R/W questions V12N07.2001-03
03/12/2001 Getting Started, links, tables and color
03/07/2001 Get the Picture on your Mac, iTools
02/14/2001 Microsoft Office 2001
02/12/2001 Introduction of Adobe GoLive - part 2.
02/07/2001 -
01/10/2001 Adobe ImageReady - What to do with all the pictures you took over the holidays. V12N05.2001-01
01/08/2001 First meeting of the Web Authoring SIG. Introduction of Adobe GoLive.
01/03/2001 School Closed - no meeting
12/13/2000 Digital cameras & Holiday Party! V12N04.2000-12
12/05/2000 Holidays Wish List: Peripherals, Scanners, Zip Drives, Etc.
11/08/2000 Adobe Illustrator 9 V12N03.2000-11
11/01/2000 Hardware: Inkjet vs. Laser Printers
10/11/2000 Cable vs. DSL
Surge Protection from APC
DSL Reports
10/04/2000 Web: E-mail, Downloading
09/13/2000 Compression, File Cleaning - featuring Aladdin StuffIt & Spring Cleaning V12N01.2000-09
09-06-2000 Essential Software

1999-2000 Season

Date Meeting: Main Topic Notes/Newsletter
08-2000 2nd Annual "post - MacWorld" MacWaves picnic
08-16-2000 Surge Protection basics
07-2000 Into the System Folder...
06-14-2000 iMac DV demo 2000-06
06-07-2000 Internet Browsers
05-10-2000 Webmaster 101 2000-05
05-03-2000 Memory - Part I
04-12-2000 Low Priced Graphics Packages 2000-04
04-05-2000 Getting Mac help on the web Links
03-08-2000 Internet - Part 2 V11N07.2000-03
02-09-2000 Internet - Part 1
01-12-2000 Mac Maintenance V11N05.2000-01
12-08-1999 Recordable CD's, using your CD-R
11-10-1999 Photoshop 5.5 V11N03.1999-11
10-13-1999 MP3 V11N02.1999-10
09-08-1999 Adobe Acrobat V11N01.1999-09

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