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Meetings Notes - April 12, 2000


Family Resource Associates (FRA)

Jim Marzano, a BCUG member and SIG coordinator, asked if we could announce something about the following at the MacWaves meetings.

Jim volunteers for a non-profit organization called Family Resource Associates (FRA) in the Tech Connection group. Tech Connection volunteers prepare used computers, both Wintel and Mac, for distribution to disabled people. Tech Connection needs volunteers who can work with Macs, mostly the hardware - troubleshooting, installing, etc. - to get the computers in working order and then load applicable software. People have donated Macs, and there's a backlog because they don't have enough Mac technical expertise to get them worked up to distribute.

FRA is located at 35 Haddon Ave. (near Rte. 520 and 35) in Shrewsbury. Tech Connection volunteers meet most Friday afternoons, sometimes Saturdays. Anyone interested in volunteering or knowing more can call Jim, 747-6125.

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Topic: Low-Priced Graphics Software

Issues to consider when selecting:

Program Cost Size Requirements Web Sites
Corel Draw 8LE free download

$20 for CD

77MB PowerMac; Mac OS 8.1+; 32 MB RAM with virtual memory enabled Corel

Download Corel Draw 8 LE

Corel Draw 8 LE Product Info

Graphic Converter  $35 2MB 68k (68020+) or PowerMac; Mac OS 7+; 3MB RAM Lemke Software

Download Graphic Convertor

Print Explosion  $40   PowerMac; Mac OS 7.5.5+; CD-ROM; 16MB RAM; NovaDevelopment Products
ColorIt! 4.0 $50+s/h

upgrade $30+s/h

Demo 7.4MB 68K (68020+) PowerMac; Mac OS 7.0+; 3MB RAM; 5MB free disk space MicroFrontier


No longer must users jump between many different programs, or purchase a fistful of plug-ins to create powerful graphics optimized for print or web use--Color It! 4.0 contains everything needed in one simple, easy-to-use program. Color It! is an award-winning, fully-featured image editing program that opens a wide variety of file formats, offers 16 levels of undo, and supports pressure-sensitive tablets and Photoshop-compatible plug-ins for scanners and filters. A customizable tools palette, animated GIF and image map creation, clipping paths, levels, curves, CMYK four-color separations, and a bevy of built-in filters including ones to remove scratches, dust and red eye are just some of the powerful features. Ideal for smaller RAM configurations, Color It! runs in as little as 3 megabytes of RAM. Work with existing images and photographs, scan in new ones, or create original works of art from scratch. Easily manipulate and blend images in ways limited only by your imagination!

Print Explosion

The Fun and Easy-to-Use Graphics Studio Designed Exclusively for the Macintosh.

Looking for the perfect greeting card, sign, banner or other unique item? Let Print Explosion show you the way with more than 4000 professionally-crafted designs. Now it's easy to create truly stunning projects with that special personalized touch, saving time and money in the process.

You can do it all without ever leaving your Macintosh. Print Explosion's easy-to-use interface will guide you through the process from concept to finished product in a matter of just minutes!

Print Explosion is ideal for first-time publishers and professional designers alike because it contains rich graphics, layout features and text effects not found in many programs at ten times the cost.

Best of all, because Print Explosion was designed by Macintosh users for Macintosh users, you'll always feel right at home as you turn out sensational projects.

Look What You Get!

Unbeatable Variety!

Fast, Easy and Convenient!

The sky's the limit with Print Explosion. Print Explosion is the fastest, easiest way to create professional quality:

Graphic Convertor 3.8.2

GraphicConverter converts pictures to different formats. Also it contains many useful features for picture manipulation.

Key features of GraphicConverter:

Corel Draw 8LE

Now you can preview the award-winning power of CorelDRAW™ 8 for Power Macintosh® without being limited by time-sensitive trial software. Discover an incredible collection of tools for illustration, page layout, photo editing and painting with CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Macintosh. Available as a free download or in value-priced CD-ROM format, this exciting version is a comprehensive solution for Mac® users who want immediate functionality and don't require all the features of the full CorelDRAW® package for professionals. With Live Effects, professional color management features and outstanding compatibility, CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Macintosh delivers exceptional creative freedom.

Designed specifically for the Mac® OS, CorelDRAW™ 8 Limited Edition for Power Macintosh® provides professional graphic designers, illustrators and desktop publishers, as well as graphics enthusiasts, with a comprehensive collection of tools for vector illustration, page layout, graphic design, image editing and raster/bitmap creation.


CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Power Macintosh focuses on six areas of specific concern to users: ease of use, interactivity, compatibility, integration, Internet capabilities and color management.

Ease of Use



Interactivity - In CorelDRAW 8:


Internet* Capabilities

Color Capabilities

Professional color management - CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Macintosh uses the industry-standard Kodak Digital Science - Color Management System and standard ICC color profiles to ensure color accuracy during scanning, on screen and when printing. Get the exact color you require with:

CorelDRAW 8 Limited Edition for Macintosh leverages key Mac OS technologies, such as AppleScript®, QuickTime, Apple® Guide, ColorSync®, Macintosh® Drag & Drop and WorldScript®. (Users should be aware that they can open QuickTime VR files but cannot save changes. QuickTime VR movie files can be opened, modified and saved, with some restrictions.)

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