MacWaves MUG

Meetings Notes - May 10, 2000


Family Resource Associates (FRA)

Jim Marzano, a BCUG member and SIG coordinator, asked if we could announce something about the following at the MacWaves meetings. Jim volunteers for a non-profit organization called Family Resource Associates (FRA) in the Tech Connection group. Tech Connection volunteers prepare used computers, both Wintel and Mac, for distribution to disabled people. Tech Connection needs volunteers who can work with Macs, mostly the hardware - troubleshooting, installing, etc. - to get the computers in working order and then load applicable software. People have donated Macs, and there's a backlog because they don't have enough Mac technical expertise to get them worked up to distribute.

FRA is located at 35 Haddon Ave. (near Rte. 520 and 35) in Shrewsbury. Tech Connection volunteers meet most Friday afternoons, sometimes Saturdays. Anyone interested in volunteering or knowing more can call Jim, 747-6125.

MacWorld Expo

July 18-21, 2000 - Javits Convention Center, NYC

If you register online before June 19, you can get a FREE pass to MacWorld Expo exhibits. The table below list priority codes that you can use, pick one that is appropriate (if in doubt, select MacWorld magazine).

Priority Code <Source
U-AUG Members of User Groups
E-MWNL MacWorld Magazine
E-PM1 Returning attendees

Topic: Webmaster 101

Using Netscape Composer to produce Web Pages

Tutorial Links:

Sites We Visited During the Meeting (sorted alphabetically)

Using Netscape to Create Net Sites

Instructions For Creating a Web Page

The choices you make will help you structure the content and pick graphics and colors for your page. Content First, give your page a title. If you're creating a page just for yourself, the title might be your name. If the page is for a business, a product, a club, a cause, or another purpose, you might want to make it a headline.

Next, type an introduction that will follow the title. It might be a simple welcome, a brief introduction, or a description of your organization - anything up to 1000 characters. If you want, you can add some hot links to other Web pages. To add links to other Web pages, you need to know the URL (address) of each page. For example, if you wanted to list the Netscape home page, you'd type Netscape for the name, and for the URL.

>Next, you can type a paragraph of text to serve as a conclusion. (Again, it can be anything, up to 1000 characters long.) Finally, many people like to add an email link at the bottom of the page so that readers can contact them.

Now that you've determined what your page will say, it's time to think about the way it looks. Netscape has put together some ready-to-use art and color combinations (gold4.0_wizard.html), or you can choose your own. Start with a preset color combination... ...or choose your own colors for each element: background color background pattern text color link color visited link color.

Finally, choose a bullet style, to set off lists on your page... ...and choose a horizontal rule style, to separate your page into sections. Take a moment to look over your page. If you want to change anything, just go back and make another choice.

Then, when you're ready, click Build. After you click Build, your new page will be displayed in a new Navigator window, ready to be edited in the Composer or Navigator Gold editor. To edit this page, you must save it by choosing Edit Document from the File menu. This will download your page and all the images you have selected. You will be asked to save your Web page with the name yourpage.html, which you can change if you want. Then you can edit the page and publish it when you are ready.