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Welcome to our group of Mac computer users! We meet a once month. Our meetings are open to all! At out meetings you get to see demonstrations of software and hardware, presented by fellow users and guest speakers.


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Location/Group Date/Time Topics

SCAN - Room B

MacWaves &


2nd Saturday

  • OS X Finder feature, All My Files, and why it is not a well-respected feature.
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • 3 free iOS utilities that can make yoru iPhone even more useful: NetAnalyzer Lite, System Status Lite, and Network MultiMeter.
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

  • We also will do our best to answer your questions and share any news of Apple, OS X and iOS.
  • If anyone has a topic they'd like us to discuss, or if you'd like to make a presentation, please contact me or Bob. And if you know anyone who is a BCUG member but not on this mailing list, but would like to be, please contact either of us.
    • Lee's email: leemaxwell [at] gladmax . com
    • Bob's email: bob-shindel [at] verizon . net
  • We hope to see you all there, then.

SCAN - Room B

MacWaves &


2nd Saturday

  • TBA
  • presenter: Lee Maxwell
  • TBA
  • presenter: Bob Shindel

Combined MacWaves and MacFundamentals meetings

  • Location: SCAN Learning Center @ Monmouth Mall - Room B (SCAN - Room B).
  • When: 2nd Saturday of the month, 10am-Noon.
  • We will be meeting here year round -- unless otherwise noted.
  • Typical meeting: presentations, software updates, tutorials, Apple news, Q&A, basics, etc.
  • Members who bring their laptops should be able to access the internet.

Location Information

SCAN Learning Center

  • Monmouth Mall - Eatontown, NJ
  • Here are the directions to the mall.
  • September 2013 onward -- we meet in the SCAN Learning Center in Eatontown Mall.
  • The closest entrance to SCAN is located between the Lowes movie theaters and JC Penney.
  • Meetings will no longer be held at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft
  • We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month from 10am to noon, year round (unless otherwise noted).
  • You can also see a pdf file with more detailed directions here.
  • Or a quick mall layout here.

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General Information

Our current leader is: Bob Shindel ( )

  • Our group started in 1986. We were originally known as Desktop Connections - an Apple User group exclusive to Monmouth County.
  • A few years later we joined with folks from Toms River and Brick and became MOPMUG (Monmouth/Ocean County Professional Mac User Group).
  • Around 1998 we changed our name to MacWaves to better reflect the diversity of our group.
  • Around late 1999, we merged with Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG).

  • If you become a BCUG member, discounts are available for the purchase of new software, hardware, books and web site hosting. MUG members are authorized to purchase hardware and software from PowerMax's -- the official Mac User Group Store, just be sure to mention MacWaves so our group gets credit ;-). To view the current MUG Members Only Vendor Specials, click here -- make sure you have the current MacWaves / BCUG login and password.
  • For more information about BCUG, please visit: BCUG.
  • A membership in BCUG entitles you to attend all Workshop meetings.
    • Click here for info where to find your MacWaves / BCUG members login and password. MacWaves / BCUG members click to check you membership status and request the current password. Please have anyone who requests this information visit Apple's User Group finder page to join a local user group.
    • For an application, please click here.
  • To get workshop meeting notices and copies of files and handouts:
    • Go to BCUG using your member login & password.
      • Under 'Members Only' enter your email address
      • then choose 'View/Modify Profile' to specify your preferences.
  • For the complete BCUG workshops schedule, please click here.


To help with all the tragedies in the world, we provide the following information. There are many ways to give and many charities to give to, for a list of charities please visit is a site run by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) that provides information on charities such as the percentage of donations that go to overhead.

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